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displeasing things

By Tara Zandra | August 29, 2013

One big problem with homeschooling year round is I feel guilty any time we’re not going full-force with lessons. We’re taking it easy right now for personal reasons and though I feel it’s the right thing to do, there’s that underlying feeling of guilt that will not go away. Needless to say that kind of puts me on edge everyday which kind of defeats the purpose of taking it easy.

Then there’s our park group. Up until this year it has been fantastic. Since summer the attendance has dropped dramatically and many teens (always the hardest group to keep together) have jumped ship and opted for public high school. It’s not that my own teen lacks for social opportunities, goodness knows it’s hard enough to keep up with her plans, but I hate to see that faction of park die out. She’ll either sit there by herself, bored, or eventually just stay home and it’s sad if that chapter of her life would be coming to an end. Now our park is also undergoing a renovation which means we’ve had to move locations and I think most people just decided not to bother until our regular park is back. But once it’s no longer a habit to attend park, it will be that much harder for people to get back into it.

This morning I fell back asleep after I turned off my alarm. This is never a good thing because I have my most vivid dreams at that time and they are often terrifying. Today they weren’t a nightmare, thank goodness, but I did have a panic attack in my dream which caused me to wake up gasping for breath and my heart pounding.

So that was fun.

Lastly, while I was at Target I noticed a woman needing help using her walker to get to one of the motorized carts. It seemed from the conversation she was having with the Target associate that this was a temporary thing, but anyway, I noticed her. After we left Target and were driving home, I saw the aftermath of an accident involving 3 cars, and there on the side was the same lady sitting with her walker. The police were just arriving and it didn’t seem too bad of a crash, but I still just felt off when I saw her there.

So now I sit with wallowing thoughts.

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