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PJs and Ice Cream for a Monday

By Tara Zandra | August 13, 2013

When I initially realized we were going to have a full week of no dance before fall schedule starts, I was of two minds. My first thought was that we’d jump in with a fantastic week of full lessons. But my second thought was if we were going to have the week off, we really needed to take advantage and DO. That’s the one I went with.

Since I know the kids like lazy days, I figured that’s how we’d start. No wake-up call (that did not go as planned thanks to a jack hammer construction vehicle across the street at 7:15am) and they could stay in pajamas all day. At some point I said to a kid they could do whatever they wanted and could ice cream for lunch for all I cared. That was when I decided to go all out and give them an ice cream sundae bar for lunch.

Funny enough I ended up buying sugar free vanilla ice cream, but the toppings more than made up for that.


All in all, it was quite the success.

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