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Go with whatever title suits you

By Tara Zandra | August 11, 2013

Friday was our usual park day but this time we brought an extra kid home to spend the night. Let me just say that I really need to write my mom a beautiful thank you note because I honestly don’t ever recall her saying no to a friend spending the night at our house. Now that I’m the parent, I’m not so much a fan. It has nothing to do with the invited child (in fact, I really like the one we just hosted), but it is an inconvenience because I’m a stickler about Daisy’s bedtime and nothing disturbing her sleep. When I had sleepovers as a teen, we maybe watched a movie and then played UNO ’til the sun came up. For Tabitha, a movie or Netflix is always involved. Not only do we only have 1 TV, but it’s a home theater set-up so that’s the only way she wants to watch stuff. She likes the experience. With the small house aspect, running a movie (or in this case, Supernatural) through the stereo, means Daisy would have nightmares just listening to it. So, Chris and Daisy left to spend the night at my in-laws’. This way it really doesn’t feel like an inconvenience, it’s just me at my computer or reading in my room (which is pretty much what my mom did all those times I had sleepovers).

Saturday morning we took the friend home and then I dropped Tabitha off to horseback ride with her Girl Scout troop, much to Daisy’s jealous dismay. I’ve now promised we’ll go as a family sometime so I guess I gotta make that happen.

While she was gone, the rest of us went out to lunch, then picked up Tabi, then Target and finally two thrift stores- both to make a donation and to shop. Only Daisy got anything though, the rest of us were unimpressed.

We stayed out too long though and I no longer was interested in presenting dinner, so I threw quick stuff together for the girls and Chris picked up an order from a local Mex. place for us. We don’t go there often, but I was pretty pleased overall with our meal.

Sunday, wait, that’s today. Okay, today we got up super early and went to Disneyland. We walked onto everything we were interested in as there were zero crowds. We then watched a new stage show we hadn’t seen yet and then sat for a while because Daisy said she didn’t feel right. After a while it was determined that it was just time to go home.

There was relaxing, a yummy dinner, a Dodger game, and a run- pretty much the norm for right now.

Dee is now in bed and Chris and I will watch a bit of the telly before I collapse in bed because I.am.exhausted.

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One Response to “Go with whatever title suits you”

  1. Mel Says:
    August 16th, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    I really don’t like sleepovers either way, someone here or my kid there because it affects us so much. My kid is highly sensitive and gets headaches and tummy aches from the overstimulation and staying up too late and it takes her two days to recover EVERY TIME. When she was smaller I started saying no to sleepovers and my compromise was “half sleepovers” where I’d pick her up from there, or take the hosted child home. Plus I can’t relax when I have someone’s child here. I don’t sleep. And when my child is elsewhere I also don’t sleep well. So it’s a lose-lose but it’s fun for my kid overall so we endure it from time to time. I am hosting one tonight in fact. So far they haven’t come up out of the basement at all. LOL