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case of the lazies

By Tara Zandra | August 6, 2013

Just re-read a post from July 17 and I sounded so hopeful that we were at the end of Daisy’s cough. Le sigh. But last night was so good with zero wake-ups that I didn’t even want to wake her this morning. So both kids slept until 9ish (that’s late in our house) and then I decided it was just a math and violin kind of day. We’re having a very lazy summer, that’s for sure. So many days the little one doesn’t even get dressed and the big one doesn’t go to bed until very late. Today I even put my PJs back on in the afternoon and took a nap.

It was an unplanned nap and I woke up weirdly and felt out of it and then it was time to cook dinner. Thankfully it was an easy meal and I wasn’t too groggy to operate the stove.

After dinner we started the Dodger game while I crocheted and then Chris and I went for a jog. We took Daisy with us and she scootered which was delightful. The weather is so gorgeous, it felt good to get out in it.

Side rant- if you’re walking on a circle path, stay to the right. Especially if you hear someone coming up behind you who is obviously not walking. Not such a big deal when it’s only 1 person, but everyone was meandering in groups of twos and threes. Move it, people!

And now I hear it’s my turn to shower and then I’ll finish the Dodger game (hopefully they can come back from their current losing score of 2-1).

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One Response to “case of the lazies”

  1. Mel Says:
    August 8th, 2013 at 9:56 pm

    What is a circle path?