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what’s my name again?

By Tara Zandra | August 5, 2013

I wanted to look at my last post so I would remember where I left off on this story called life and I typed in the wrong web address- because apparently I can’t remember my own website.

Can I blame advancing age?

Last week I had a Tuesday afternoon where I was free. We had had a Brownie meeting in the morning but I didn’t drive anyone home so it was a nice afternoon break for me. Except I realized far too late that was my one shot at getting anything done and I should have made a menu and corresponding shopping list, done the actual shopping, and colored my hair. But no, instead I sat around and reveled in the delight of nothing to do, in essence, sabotaging myself.

Wednesday we had errands and Tabitha’s haircut appointment then off to dance then off to night time fun at Disneyland.

Thursdays we had violin then dance then Tabitha and I went to see “The Great Gatsby.” Side note: she and I *loved* it. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous movie. The music was amazing with it, then the lovely little “doomed romance” (to borrow my friend’s phrasing) storyline. I knew the basic story since I have read it, but now feel the need to re-read it and Tabitha wants to read it too. I’m not even a big Leo di Cap fan and I’m definitely not a Tobey Maguire fan but I seriously enjoyed this movie. I bought the soundtrack the next day and I’ve been listening to it non-stop which is on par with my addictive personality.

Friday we had Daisy’s last class at Michaels then we went to park for a couple hours and then it was Mad T Party time.

Saturday morning was leisurely. I fixed breakfast for everyone then Chris and I went running for a bit. Then it was errands and finally off to a Disneyland Westside Attractions reunion. We only stayed 2 hours because of not want to leave Daisy for too long, but I got to see the one person I needed to see (it had been about 11 years) and almost all the other people I wanted to see. I talked to more people in the half hour after I said we were leaving than in the previous hour and a half. I left with a lovely feeling. I skipped my high school reunion last year because I could not have cared less, but my Disney family- well, that’s just it, family :) I don’t see many of them very often at all, but I feel so connected thanks to facebook. I was nervous ahead of time because I’m a social anxiety dork, but in the end, I am so very glad I went.

We finished the weekend nicely. Sunday morning we took Daisy to Krispy Kreme then Target then brought her and donuts home to Tabitha. Then Chris and I did our grocery stores run. We napped in the afternoon after watching the Dodgers win, then it was a lovely dinner (Kielbasa Stew, oh so yummy! I used Tofurky Kielbasa). The evening got off track with Daisy not really doing the sleeping thing, but eventually she settled down and Chris and I ended the evening watching a surprisingly non-disturbing episode of Torchwood.

I won’t talk about Dee’s ongoing illness- the use of the word ongoing is really all I need to say.

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One Response to “what’s my name again?”

  1. Mel Says:
    August 7th, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Glad your Disney reunion was fun. I wish all companies had reunions. I’d love to meet up with people from my first real job where I worked 8 years when I was young. But high school, meh. No interest there at all! That stew recipe sounds so good!! Tom and I would love it, B wouldn’t eat it but I think I’ll make it anyway…if we ever get our kitchen squared away. LOL