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size matters

By Tara Zandra | July 29, 2013

When I first started dating Chris and visited his house, I mentioned how small his bedroom was. It was smaller than any bedroom I’d ever had and I only lived in apartments. When he and I got our first apartment together, it was rather large and we didn’t really have any problems fitting a crib in our room when Miss Tabi came along. Eventually, of course, we moved here- the house Chris grew up in.

When we moved in, Tabitha was 10 months old and we put her crib in her own room. She never slept anyway, so the location of the crib didn’t really matter.

Of course Daisy coming along meant a bassinet and eventually a crib in our bedroom. Except we no longer had a spacious bedroom and I had no idea how that was going to work. Somehow it did for the 2 years she slept in our room.

The nature of Daisy’s illness means violent coughing spells several times a night, sometimes accompanied by the need to rush her into the bathroom. As she sleeps in a loft bed and shares a room with her sister, she obviously could not be in her bed. So Chris and I took turns sleeping on the floor of the living room while she slept on the couch. Eventually her coughing fits were a little less violent and a little less often so we decided to move her into our room on a cot. This had the added bonus of now no one was sleeping on the floor and it would be a much shorter walk to a bathroom.

But it’s not like in all this time the bedrooms of this house have gotten any bigger. And let me tell you, a cot is a lot bigger than a crib.


The cot is butted up against our closet doors and the photo is taken in the doorway. The right side of the doorway is pretty much where the right wall is and in that wall is the bathroom door.

I guess I’ll just use the word cozy.

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One Response to “size matters”

  1. Mel Says:
    July 29th, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    So is the house you live in now, the place you visited Chris too when you first met?