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By Tara Zandra | July 27, 2013

So today the hubby and I have been married for 17 years. As he said, there have been bad days, of course, but never because of our marriage. It’s the one thing in our life that we can always count on.

Celebrating this year has proved difficult because of a certain little one’s continuing illness. What went from an entire weekend to ourselves, to a night and an afternoon to ourselves, has gone to a night out and that was last night. But our plans have a story attached.

A year ago as we prepared to celebrate our 16th anniversary, we had planned to go to dinner at whatever restaurant my mom gave us a gift card to (as was her norm). But instead she gave us a Disney gift card so we decided to go ahead and go to California Adventure for dinner. After we ate, we checked out Carsland and then decided to see what the Mad T Party was like. We saw the Tweedles, some weird guys riding flamingos, and the hit the arcade (I highly recommend the arcade- everything is themed to Alice in Wonderland and every game only costs a quarter). After we finished skeeball we went back outside and noticed the band was on stage.

We then heard a voice and immediately were drawn to the stage.

That was the beginning of what has now become a friendship with a very talented singer.

Our plans this year for our anniversary were going to be kicked off on Friday night, our Anniversary Eve, if you will, by going to the Mad T Party to watch our Hatter just as we had a year ago. However, as I said, he’s rather talented and our plans were changed because he was cast in the Hollywood Bowl production of “Chicago” for the same weekend.

Every year the Hollywood Bowl does a one weekend production of a Broadway show with a celebrity director and cast. This year was directed by Brooke Shields and starred Lucy Lawless, Ashlee Simpson, Stephen Moyer, Drew Carey, and Samantha Barks. So the only non-celebrity role of Mary Sunshine went to our friend Drew Tablak- credited as D. Tablak due to the dual gender nature of the role. We had no intention of missing it.

So that altered our plans.

My in-laws bought us the tickets as our anniversary gift, my mom was already set to take the girls for the whole weekend and our anniversary was going to be fantastic!

Well, it hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. We cancelled everything except seeing “Chicago” and I even had reservations about us going to that. But in the end we thought it would be fine (there was a new wrinkle thrown at us at the very last minute and we actually probably should not have gone, but hind sight and all that). But we did go and let me say, Drew was fantastic. We were practically giddy seeing him up on the stage. Since we only got to do one thing for our celebration, I’m glad it was that. Oh, and we found ourselves on the Metro at midnight, so we shared an anniversary kiss :)

We all had a sleepless night and today has been rather mundane.

But we’re together, we’re with our girls, and really, we don’t need anything else.

It’s been a great 17 years.

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One Response to “17”

  1. Mel Says:
    July 28th, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Happy 17th Anniversary! Our 17th is coming up in December but we never really do much for it, maybe dinner. Probably because it’s always in the middle of winter and we’re exhausted (and broke) from Christmas. LOL