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a new hope

By Tara Zandra | July 23, 2013

I’d rather not keep blogging about my youngest child, but she took up the bulk of my day and I don’t want to skip a day of blogging if I can help it.

The quick version, thorough appointment with doctor where she even asked us a ton of questions like if there were changes at home, new pets, new outdoor activities, any new activities, just anything and everything to see if we could find any explanation for this cough. Of course, all our answers are in the negative, so no new knowledge was gained.

In the end we ended up with an antibiotic prescription as well as an inhaler prescription. That’s been fun learning how to use it properly. We were also sent to the hospital so Daisy could get a chest xray. So now her pure little body has had antibiotics, whatever the hell is in an inhaler, and radiation. Yay?

So let’s tell a little story about her. Daisy loves Monster High. She was Clawdeen Wolf for Halloween last year even. Two months ago she asked her sister for her Monster High barbies and they were given (or at least indefinitely lent) to her. That same day, Daisy wished she had a real Monster High School for the dolls to play in. So Tabitha pulls out East High (from High School Musical- it’s the size of a Barbie Dream House) and the two of them completely redecorate it to make it more monsterish.


Lately, Daisy has been playing with both Tabitha’s dolls and her own plush dolls and it’s been pretty non-stop, plus playing on the Monster High website when using the computer. So when Tabs and Chris were at Comic-con they stopped by Mattel’s Monster High booth in honor of Daisy. There they were given a pair of Ghoulia Yelps’ glasses. So now my child looks like this:


They have not come off her face since Saturday night other than to sleep and bathe. Frankly I think they are adorable on her.

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One Response to “a new hope”

  1. Mel Says:
    July 24th, 2013 at 12:19 am

    They definitely ARE adorable on her!