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Whoosh! There went Sunday

By Tara Zandra | July 14, 2013

Chris and I got out first thing this morning for our shopping trips as we had a deadline to be back home. Got home, ate lunch, Tabitha was taken to a birthday party and Daisy got dressed for our afternoon plans.

Thus begun the hunt of the dangly earrings.

When Daisy got her ears pierced, she was told she couldn’t wear dangly earrings for 6 months. In preparation of that day, she purchased a pack of earrings a week ahead of time. It came as no surprise to anyone that she chose food with googly eyes. The day of the 6 month mark happened to be the day we drove to Vegas (last week, Saturday) so she wore a pair in the car and we brought the whole pack so she could wear a pair home the next day.

Except, she didn’t wear a pair home the next day which means we haven’t seen them since we packed for the trip. Of course, I knew there was a chance we left them in the hotel, but I didn’t tell her that.

I searched my purse.

I searched my desk.

I searched the bathroom, my dresser, the other bathroom, my desk again, the table, my purse again, Daisy’s make-up bag, MY make-up bag, my *other* make-up bag, my other purse, back to the table, back to my desk, back to the bathroom, and in her dance bag.

Starting to sweat at this point, so I went through my purse for a fourth freaking time and there they were, innocent as could be.

Staring at me too- because of the googly eyes, you see.

So anyway, I found them and there was much rejoicing.

Once Chris was home the three of us went off to meet pretty much all of my in-laws to celebrate July- 3 birthdays and an anniversary (that one is us). It was a loooooong dinner because the waitress disappeared at one point but thankfully the two little ones kept each other occupied and didn’t even notice how long we were there. The rest of us enjoyed each others company of course, but still, we were there awhile.

And now Chris is off picking Tabitha up from the birthday party, Daisy is in bed and I’m alternating accomplishing stuff with playing facebook games. Writing this post counts as accomplishment so off to play another round!

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