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excuse the typos

By Tara Zandra | July 13, 2013

Typing this on my phone, so we’ll see how it goes. Finally got it in my head this evening that I really wanted to update. I’d like to gain my readers back but there’s no guarantee I’ll keep this up.

Daisy has been ill and it has wreaked havoc on my sanity. Thursday I was so exhausted I found myself unable to stop crying for a good hour in the afternoon. I had just mentally snapped, I guess. I was also very emotional as I had taken her to the ped that morning and she was traumitized by a test that I agreed to. The guilt at causing her so much anguish was more than I could bear. Even now I find I’m not over it as just typing it again cause my eyes to tear up a little.

But despite that, life is pretty good right now. It being summer certainly helps. Not having to think about the weather and even welcoming the few overcast days has done wonders for my mental health. Spring wholeheartedly sucked for me- haven’t felt that bad in years. But I do feel back on track now, thank goodness. I need to look into one of those sun lamps and surround myself with healing crystals next year.

Somehow or other Chris and I agreed to a tortoise for Daisy. So I’ve got a lovely little obsession going on. Found out it’s best if they live outside so I spent a fair amount of the evening researching habitat building. Turns out we have a large raised planter that houses a bush and weeds and lord knows we’ll never do anything gardenlike with it, so tortoise habitat it is! It will require hard work on our part and I can’t say that is our forte, but we’ll try to stay focused.

I think I’ll call this post good for now. I will be back tomorrow night- it has been decreed.

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One Response to “excuse the typos”

  1. Melyssa R Says:
    July 14th, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    I think kids bounce back from that stuff much better than we do. It’s so hard being a mom sometimes though. I still carry guilt about little things here and there that happened years ago and am sure B has long forgot about already. At least I hope so. Maybe not forgotten but at least over it, perhaps? Anyway, I am SO JEALOUS you have a tortoise! OMG! I have wanted one for YEARS. Then when we moved here to eastern WA, our vet does tortoise rescue and awareness, and they keep 5 of them in a yard out front and when it’s cold they are in a big pen indoors. They are quite the characters. Some of them are huge though, I like the ones that stay smaller. Russians? So you must post lots of pics and talk about your experiences. I’d love one when we move back to CO but not sure how to keep them in the winter there.