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mind or matter?

By Tara Zandra | May 21, 2013

I’ve been mentally and emotionally at 100% since Friday. I was so damn productive Sunday night and really felt my groove. Yesterday, I awoke and was slammed with horrid sinus pressure. My head felt like my brain was just kind of floating and bouncing inside my skull. But I was still so up and up in every other way that it was actually a pretty good day. By evening it was getting to me again. This morning it was better and I “kinda” worked out- enough to need a shower, but no where near my standard. But then it wasn’t better. And then Daisy wasn’t at her best and eventually I just kind of said “fuck it.”

Tabitha, who we often say is completely Chris’s child, has an essay to write. It’s for a class, but it’s a casual class, not something that has any type of grading system. She hemmed, she hawed. I asked her if she had any intention of even going to class this week and she asked me what I would do if I were here. So I told her I *was* her and I did exactly what she does and procrastinated until the very end until I would quickly pull something out of my arse the night before. She said, “So, you’d do it then?” Well of course I would, it was for school and my grade was on the line. I didn’t do it because I *wanted* to but because I *had* to do it. I still have no idea if she’ll actually write the darn thing, guess we find out tomorrow because we’ll be gone all day on Thursday and it’s due Friday morning.

Tabitha did work on a couple creative endeavors today. For geography she pulled out her world cookbook and made French bread.

You cannot comprehend the deliciousness of French bread freshly baked by my wonder child.

She’s got the most amazing baker’s touch. She is so confident in the kitchen when it comes to baking, But much less so when it comes to cooking. I hope her future spouse likes to cook because otherwise the two of them will be living on brownies and apparently French bread. It’ll be fantastic food, but no so much good for the health.

The other thing she’s been working on was a secret song for me on the violin. She’s told me about the surprise for a little while now but today she actually played the song. It was “Some Nights” by fun. I recognized it right away and it was very sweet of her to learn a fun. song just for me :)

Daisy spent the day with a stomach ache. She did a smidge of math and science but then we hit the aforementioned “fuck it” period so she rested and ate light foods for the rest of the day. She still went to dance and seems fine so who knows? Could have been faking it, though I don’t know what her goal was.

My sinus issues gave up bothering me around 1pm and then the boredom set in. With Daisy not needing me and nothing pressing on my plate I just stayed at the computer until I could channel my energy into cooking dinner (yummy stroganoff). We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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