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Dance, dance, and dance some more

By Tara Zandra | May 20, 2013

Competition was Saturday! It was early, it was long, but it was only one day this time- all the others this season have been 2 days for us. It was a pretty good one and by that I mean, the sound system wasn’t excessively loud, the emcee didn’t talk to each kid like they were precious, and it moved along at a good pace. And it wasn’t too hot or too cold.

But we were rushed. As in I was only going to have 12 minutes to get Dee changed from ballet into tap. That’s the problem with her doing 2 duets, they are always spaced close together. You think, 12-minutes, that’s a lot! Nope, it’s 12-minutes from the moment she steps on stage for her first dance, so there goes 3-minutes, then she has to get outside to me, we race up a flight of stairs, I have to rip off her ballet shoes, carefully take off her hair piece, strip off a costume and one pair of tights, throw on a bodysuit and pin the straps, put on the skirt and pin it, get on the jacket, 2 mesh gloves, put in a hair bow, tie on her tap shoes and get her backstage.

Then we do a similar process for Tabitha who also only had 12-minutes to do her contemporary duet and then be back with a costume change for her jazz trio. I don’t really do much on that one. Pretty much just meet her in the dressing room and hand her things and take costume pieces from her as they get stripped off.

Then it was straight to awards! They are always funky labeled. In this case, the highest you could get was a Double Platinum, then a Platinum, then High Gold, and then Gold (I have yet to see someone get just a gold from any studio). Daisy’s ballet duet got a High Gold, but her tap duet not only got Double Platinum but they placed 3rd overall for the 8 and unders! Very proud of them again :)

Tabitha’s contemporary duet earned a Platinum and her jazz trio earned a Double Platinum and they also placed 3rd overall for their age group (12-14, I think).

We then had such a long break, we actually came home. We grabbed Del Taco on the way and enjoyed being able to relax for awhile. For me it was good because the next costume for Daisy gives me complete fits so I was happy to be able to work on it in the comfort of home. The next dance was Daisy’s jazz team and 3 of those girls (including Daisy) were going to have to do another quick change before production so their instructor checked them in early and was able to get them way moved up in performance times. They did so well. They work really well together and the dance is adorable. We then had plenty of time to get them changed and then it was the final production number which also includes Tabitha. It went pretty well, actually. This dance has little-little ones so it can be a crap shoot sometimes if they will remember everything.

Another break so we all, meaning much of our studio, went out to Coldstone. Yummy break! Then it was back for awards but they were now running a little behind so Chris put on headphones and listened to the Kings game on his ipad. Eventually we got to awards and Daisy’s jazz team earned a Double Platinum and once again placed 3rd overall for the 8 and under teams! Then production earned a Platinum and placed 5th for large teams! We were very pleased with that one.

Then we raced home to watch our Kings.

Watch them lose that is.

But they are still up 2-1 in the series and as we learned last year, you gotta believe.

Whew! That’s only Saturday! But Sunday was easy. We let the girls sleep until 9, then Chris and I went grocery shopping and to lunch. Then Chris and Daisy went on a walk/scootered to McDonald’s while Tabitha and I watched the Doctor Who finale. Then I have no idea which means everyone just did their own thing. I know I started to crochet a scarf for Daisy and after dinner I worked on lessons stuff for today and a little bit for the week. After kids were in bed Chris and I watched Mad Men. So a very pleasant Sunday which went well with the craziness of Saturday.

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