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Dia de las Madres

By Tara Zandra | May 16, 2013

Pretty good Mother’s Day this year, I must say. I had my way with a menu, my children were lovely, my husband was loving- all was well. Here’s a copy of what I made (Tabitha did do the cheesecake, which was scrumptious, and Chris and Dee did take care of the sandwiches).

Blueberry, cranberry, orange Muffins with an orange glaze

Cucumber rounds stuffed with herbed cheese
Balsamic cherry tomatoes with mozzarella

Main Course
“Mortadella” and fig sandwiches with a
side of spicy, peanut spaghetti salad

Cheese Course
Goat cheese with honey and walnuts
Manchego with warm green olives

Blackberry frozen yogurt

I was pretty pleased with how everything came out. I also made a maple balsamic reduction for the blackberry frozen yogurt, but I over reduced it and the minute it touched the frozen yogurt, it seized up making it inedible. But I learned for next time so it’s all good.

Nothing else really of interest for the week; dinner out for Chris, dance for the girls, crocheting for me, and, of course, viewing of Kings games.

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