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By Tara Zandra | May 11, 2013

Getting my Mother’s Day menu finalized today and then some shopping of the grocery variety will take place. Usually my family leaves for the entire day and goes to my MIL’s house. I get the day to myself, clean, listen to loud music, ditz around on the computer, just whatever I want until late in the day when I join the rest of the fam for a dinner. This has worked well for many years.

This year my in-laws threw a wrench in the plan by going out of town. At first my husband was still going to take the kids out for the day but I would have felt guilty with them trying to be gone and essentially killing time. And guilty is not how I want to feel on Mother’s Day.

So I invited my mom here and planned a menu because a holiday where I’m in charge of all the food is just what I like. My mom tried to tell me not to go to any trouble, but seriously, I was practically giddy when I planned it last week. Now looking at it again today, I realize I need to scale back the menu a little- we simply won’t have room for all that food! I’ll have to figure out how much to delegate though because it’s not like my mom wants to converse with me in the kitchen the whole time. Tabitha will obviously make the cheesecake and I can do the muffins tonight and Daisy and Chris can do the fig and “mortadella” sandwiches so that takes care of some of it right there.

But of course Tabitha has a Girl Scout event today so Daisy will have to be dragged along on the shopping- that will not make her happy but it can’t be helped.

Yesterday went by in a blur, I overslept (of course) then got us to Great Books but I didn’t pack a lunch (on purpose) so I kept thinking I was forgetting something. After Great Books we left Daisy there to play and brought home a friend for Tabi, then those two watched movies the whole time, then I went to exchange children and drop my two off at dance. I got home but Chris did not go to BevMo nor did he take me with him to pick up the kids so it was all just a different kind of Friday. But it ended with the Kings winning and going on to Round 2 of the playoffs!! There was much rejoicing in our house.

And now it’s after 8 so I really must wake up the remaining sleeping people and get started on our day.

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