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By Tara Zandra | May 9, 2013

Yesterday I was feeling good and not once did I feel the onset of an anxiety attack, but alas, I was apparently feeling too good as today has been very hard. I spent the morning feeling very anxious and trying to keep it together and now I’m spending the afternoon just wanting a nap. Such is the story of just about every day now, anxious and tired, yee-haw.

But last night a beautiful thing happened- I was alone for 2 hours. Tabi is sick this week so she’s only attending her competition classes so it worked out that I didn’t need to be at dance as Chris took care of both girls. I luxuriated in a hot shower and totally pampered myself. I ate a crap-tastically bad for me dinner and played on the computer for a little bit. I still did a load of laundry and dishes, but I mean, these things need to be done, and I don’t mind since I was able to start and finish without interruption. And it is nice not to have a chore hanging over me.

It was lovely.

Saturday the girls had a dance performance (did I mention this already?) and I managed to get a few pics to share. Honestly, I didn’t handle my camera too well and I’m a bit disappointed in the majority of the shots; I should really look into learning how to use it better so as not to waste its capabilities. The two of Daisy are both competition dances, the three of Tabitha are just from her regular classes. I will admit to totally tearing up to see her on pointe. I know it’s her second year, but she’s come so far and is so beautiful as she dances.






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One Response to “dancin’”

  1. D Says:
    May 10th, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Beautiful girls. Get your thyroid checked - everything you say sounds very familiar to me - from the tiredness to the dizziness to the anxiety.