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finishing my thoughts

By Tara Zandra | May 7, 2013

There was a bit more about The Killers concert that I forgot to mention.

When we moved further back to keep my paranoia at bay, I did notice we were apparently in the 35 and over section. Good times.

But it turns out to be a good thing, because while Green Day did covers of artists like AC/DC, The Killers did “I Think We’re Alone Now” by, you know, Tiffany (and I guess The Shondells or something like that, but I’m not that old). Had we been in our previous section, I may have felt out of place being the only person belting out the lyrics.


Another comparison between Green Day and The Killers:

A few years ago when we saw Green Day we noticed Billie Joe said “Los Angeles” approximately 85-thousand times. We decided at this concert to keep count.

20. Seriously, he said LA, California, Los Angeles or some such thing 20 times. Had we made it a drinking game we would have been in a coma.

Compare that with Brandon Flowers of The Killers who said Anaheim (or a variation thereof) only 4 times.

So other than that, today is Tuesday which means, say it with me now…

It sucks.

I feel like shit every Tuesday and/or the universe throws shit at me on Tuesdays. Today it’s just how I feel physically. I have a monster sinus headache (again) and all the fan-tastic symptoms that go along with it. Plus, every time I turn my head it’s like a wave of dizziness passes through it. To top it off, I’m soooo sleepy for basically no reason whatsoever.

This will have to suffice though I have the weekend to talk about still- sometime tomorrow I’ll get to it.

PS Who is checking my website from France? Leave a comment and intro yourself- just because I’m curious.

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