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new month

By Tara Zandra | May 1, 2013

Today starts off my month- Mother’s Day and my birthday at the end, but this time we’ve also got some concerts peppered in there so it feels like a long celebration. My actual birthday may kind of suck depending on a possible dance competition. We take birthdays very seriously around here so any possibility of me not having a good one makes me sad.

But I’ve got 30 days to get through first.

And that’s what it feels like- getting through. Enduring each day. Guess that needs to be my new motto.

Today is not much of anything right now. Tabitha is at her American Girl meeting so I have Daisy and the host’s younger daughter here at the house. My sinus headache refuses to budge so I didn’t really feel like taking them somewhere where I would have to watch them. Unfortunately they are playing in the living room and as little girls, their voices get high-pitched. I don’t want to go to my room though because I’m afraid I would fall asleep and I am kind of supposed to be the responsible adult in charge here. They aren’t being loud, at least, just any sound bothers me. I’m realizing the light is bother me too, perhaps at this point it’s less sinus and more low grade migraine (usually I’m nauseous too so not really sure).

Anyway, I hate to just whine everyday but I don’t want to not blog for fear I’ll leave it for 6 months again. So here I am.

Tonight we’re headed out, just me and Chris which is always fantastic medicine :)

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