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The post in which I use parentheses

By Tara Zandra | November 26, 2006

Yesterday my MIL was going to put up all her Christmas decorations (this is no small task) and so we dropped Tabitha off to help as that is one of her favorite things to do. So we just had the one kid all day.

First stop was recycling. Now, recycling guy is like, very into his job. People call us hippies (which I hate) but this guy really seems to be. I’ve got nothing against tree huggers, certainly, but he berates people who are there trying to do good for the planet (or, you know, get their 8¢ back). He actually walked up to people who were separating thier cans and bottles into bins and yelled “Are you kidding me? You have to separate all of this?” When the poor lady and her daughter sheepishly replied yes, he made an example of them and told us all how so very important it is to separate before you arrive (we don’t). He told one lady not to bring a certain type, despite the sign clearly stating they take that kind of plastic; he told us to move Daisy; he told another couple something I don’t remember; and he told someone to park their car somewhere else. Sheesh!

So, after the recycling-nazi, we were going to go to the park but used Mapquest to find a new one and when we got there, not only was it a school, not a park, but Wee Miss had fallen asleep. So we trudged back home (can you trudge in a car?) and attempted to transfer her to her bed. Nope! So a 25-minute nap it was for her and you can imagine was that does for already precarious temperment. In any case, we soothed her with the telly (not denying it) and ate our lunch before heading back out to a park we knew existed. The kid had a blast. I had taken my camera in hopes of getting posed pics and I’ll be darned the kid actually posed! We did about 3 sessions in between all the play time and by the end she was really asking for pictures. She even smiled and looked at the camera (usually I can get one, not both). Impressive.

And then we braved Ikea. We were simply going to browse, had zero intention of buying anything at all so the crowd wasn’t that big of a deal. It was packed, make no mistake, but at least we could just move on if an area was too crowded and we didn’t have to wait in any monster lines.

Next stop was Target, again to browse. We checked out all the toys and then played around in the Christmas section before going to my in-laws’ to get Tabi. She had a fantastic time and delighted in showing us everything she put up. She even wrote a journal entry about her time there specifically for us to read. In the end, all 6 of us went out to dinner where Daisy displayed her tiredness and repeatedly says to me “Want go. Want go home.” She wasn’t loud or crying and I seriously doubt she disturbed any other patrons, she just kept going back and forth between Chris and I and getting very physical to the point where my cheek go headbutted (again).

Home again and Tabitha rushed off to her room to play, Chris read to Daisy and I researched bunk beds online because Ikea doesn’t have the one we wanted anymore. Once we got both kids to bed, Chris and I played our game (really ready for it to end at this point) and then retired for the evening.

And now it’s Sunday, we’ll be doing the usual.

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One Response to “The post in which I use parentheses”

  1. Jenn B. Says:
    November 26th, 2006 at 9:34 pm

    Love the Nature lover outfit, very cute! That pic looks photo studio.

    Way to go Daisy! Way to warm up to the camera! Say Cheese!