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The Bunny cameth

By Tara Zandra | April 17, 2006

We had a lovely Easter yesterday. Miss Daisy woke up first so we went ahead and woke up Tabitha too. As Daisy and I sat with her morning cup of milk and my morning cup of Diet Coke, she definitely noticed the eggs around us and seemed rather interested. As soon as she was ready, we brought Tabitha out and gave them each baskets to look for the eggs. There were several eggs in obvious places that were meant for Daisy and she picked up the idea of gathering the eggs pretty quick. She really got into it and found some that weren’t necessarily there for her. Tabitha did well with the hunt and enjoyed the heck out of it as always. Between the two of them we’re only missing 3 eggs, unfortunately one of those is real, so um, we’re not sure what to do about that. It’s like it disappeared though, I just don’t see where it could possibly be. I’m willing to say I miscounted the plastic eggs, but we know for a fact we had 24 real eggs and we even know exactly which one is missing so it should be here. But it’s just not!

After hunting the kids tore into their baskets and were quite enamored with their little haul. Daisy’s basket contained a small basketball, super bounce pinky ball, stuffed frog, Easter Ears hat, push along Thomas train, two books, a small chocolate hollow bunny, and she had a couple eggs that contained goldfish crackers and one with a Hot Wheels car. Tabitha’s basket had the same Easter Ears hat, a Trollz  book, magnetic Cinderella set, a small rubber chicken (she’s been wanting one forever), super bouncy ball and a pen with a stuffed egg on top. Filled eggs for her contained $9.50 in change, $8.00 in Disney dollars (one five in the golden egg and three singles in the carrot), scads of candy, two Hot Wheels cars (in blue) and another bouncy ball.

I cooked the requested breakfast of Picasso, so named by Tabitha, but we don’t know why. Basically I fry up rice, black beans and scrambled eggs. The kids eat it in a bowl topped with cheese and Chris and I put it into tortillas with hot sauce and cheese. Daisy took a morning nap and Tabitha used that time to watch Springtime with Roo and then I decided I needed a nap as well. Once Daisy and I were up, we headed to a park to take pics of the kids. They can be viewed here. It was near impossible to get pictures of Daisy actually looking at the camera with a smile as she was much more interested in gathering the eggs we took to be part of the pictures. We did get some of her later in the day where she posed a bit.

It was then off to my in-laws for another egg hunt and then dinner with family and friends. After dinner, Chris and I went for a walk with Daisy, not one of my cardio walks, just a stroll around their neighborhood. Basically we admired and critiqued the houses we passed, always a fun pasttime. Daisy snooze and stayed asleep after we got back to the house. We socialized a bit before finally heading home around 8ish.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day :)

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3 Responses to “The Bunny cameth”

  1. Miss Quinlan Says:
    April 18th, 2006 at 3:18 pm

    I’m really too shy to leave a comment but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work even though we never have met in person. I have been visiting your website everyday since this past year and I have previously enjoyed reading every story you wrote!

    I thought, “Oh my god! Daisy totally looks way too cute in these pigtails!” when I saw these pictures. Daisy definitely looks more like a little girl than a baby every time I see a picture of her.

    I loved Tabitha’s jokes. She is too funny to make your teeth crawling out of your mouth! She sounds very wise for her age from what I heard.

    Keep the hard work up! You are a good writer. Maybe you could become one if it’s one of your desires.

    Thank you for reading my comment
    Miss Quinlan

  2. Mel Says:
    April 19th, 2006 at 10:39 am

    cute! I love this one of Daisy. lol

  3. Lisa R. Says:
    April 21st, 2006 at 3:29 am

    This one has a such a cute expression on her face and it made me smile so hard that my jaws hurt!