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By Tara Zandra | January 28, 2013

Today was finally the day! No one was sick, lessons were done by *both* children, there was dinner, and Girl Scouts, and now, Kings Hockey on the telly.

All is right in my world.

Of course normal will go to hell as soon as birthday-o-rama starts, but our real normal is always hectic anyway.

We pulled out the Mr. Potato Heads yesterday to build pirates for the party and also to build cupid for our [sadly lacking] Valentine’s decor. Today Daisy got them out again and made us a lovely parade o’ potatoes. Makes me want to create more too- I love Mr. Potato Heads.

I never mentioned the cookies that Tabi made (still too lazy for pic) were gluten free for her one GS sister who does not eat gluten. Yeah, she was sick and didn’t even make it to the meeting tonight. Oh well, everyone loved how they looked and were asking for seconds so they were fine, just wouldn’t have been the first choice normally.

Tonight Daisy asked to play with my hair- I cannot say no to that. I love the feeling of someone playing with, braiding, brushing my hair, or even just massaging my head. I’ve had long hair more years of my life than not. When I was in school, if a girl was sitting behind me she very often would ask to play with and/or braid my hair. That made class time very pleasant. So the hair playing tonight was relaxing, but then Daisy decided to add barrettes which she counted and I believe I ended up with 40 clips in my hair. I kept it as long as I could but the sheer weight got to me after a bit.

This was one of those ravenous days. I started with my piece of toast that I eat every morning before I work out. Before I even finished my workout my stomach was growling. I usually eat an hour after I’m out of the shower but today I cold not wait. Then I had a third breakfast immediately after. I ate a decent lunch and was still a little hungry. Dinner finally made me feel very full (and it wasn’t a big dinner) but here I sit with hunger pangs again. At least I’ve made very good choices all day so it’s not that big of a deal- it’s just listening to my body’s cues. I just wish they weren’t so loud.

That’s enough disjointed posting for today.

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