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We saw fish!

By Tara Zandra | November 10, 2006

Today was the Aquarium’s first ever homeschool day. We got in at a super discount and they didn’t allow any school groups to come. So no yellow busses pulling up with 100 children and only 3 adults. No trying to look at something and get shooed out of the way so a school group can listen to something they don’t really want to listen to anyway. Instead it was a gazillion families. Still better than busses of kids, but crowded as hell.

We got there before opening and as soon as the doors opened, we quickly bypassed the first things everyone saw and immediately stopped for. Instead we briskly walked to the other end of the aquarium and went upstairs and outside for all of those exhibitis. So we were able to touch bat rays and sharks, explore the touch tide pool and feed lorikeets in relative peace because everyone was still inside. We then did the upper floor of the aquarium which still wasn’t too bad yet and then went to the cafe for a very early, but leisurely and uncrowded, lunch. We then attempted the first floor and found it completely unbearable. We couldn’t move anywhere. So I pulled Tabi aside and told her I thought we were done and that before she could throw a fit to just listen. I told her how coming today has renewed my interest in the aquarium and we’d definitely come back next month with Chris and we’d be able to do what we missed then. She took that news like I’ve never seen her take “time to go” news before in her life. She smiled and skipped out and chattered all the way to the car about how much fun she had. Usually she whines and erases all my good memories of the outing before deciding to sulk for half an hour at which point I’m thoroughly annoyed. Not today though. It was so wonderful and just as it should have been. Daisy fell asleep as soon as we got in the car and Tabitha and I spent the entire hour drive home talking about our favorite parts of the day. Once home, Daisy stayed asleep (though she wouldn’t let me put her anywhere but the couch so we had to be super quiet) so I relaxed at the computer while Tabitha had some nice alone playing time.

Now the kids are watching a movie and I’m about to do a bit of housework. Once Chris is home, he’ll take Tabitha to violin for the first time ever (we deferred today’s lesson due to our trip) and then we’ll have dinner of tacos and a nice, family evening.

Definitely a good start to the weekend.

Oh, two quotes for today because I want to get them down.

Tabitha: “But I’m not a little kid; I’m a tween!”

Daisy: “Mama, want scratch my bum?”

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