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Now with boots on the outside!

By Tara Zandra | January 27, 2013

So I was feeling all blah and was going to blog and then decided to tackle a sewing project I’ve been meaning to do. I followed Dwija’s tutorial on turning boot cut jeans into skinny jeans. I’ve really wanted to do this as I have a pair of boots I love and while they fit luverly under my jeans, I wanted them on top and now- they do! Mine weren’t quite as quick and simple as the tutorial simply because they were more bell bottoms than boot cut so a lot of altering was needed so they didn’t look like jodhpurs. I’ve got 1 or 2 more pairs I also want to alter. I’m very excited as now I don’t have to go shopping to get more in style jeans, I can wait a little while more- and lose a few more pounds.

This weekend has basically be about getting the house party ready even though the party is a week away. But with Tabitha’s birthday and then her day out with friends, and then Chris and I have an evening out the night before the party and, of course, we’re at dance every night, I really wasn’t sure when else we were going to get it done. We’ll still need to work day of the party, but the huge stuff got done today. We’ve practically emptied the dining room as that’s going to be our main room. So right now an entire wall is bare which is really weird but also calming. So much chaos in our house that an entire blank wall is a welcome change. Of course, the shelving units had to go somewhere and that would be the playroom which makes it a bit out of commission this week.

Tabitha spent today making sugar cookies in the shape of bow-ties to take to Girl Scouts tomorrow. Tabi shares her birthday with one of her GS sisters so she thought she’d bring them to celebrate. The bow ties are to represent Doctor Who because that’s a big thing with her troop. She decorated all of them with Royal Icing and did a very nice job, I thought. I’m too lazy right now to get my memory stick out of the camera so I’ll post a picture another time.

Last night Chris went out with friends to do some beer tasting. I worked a bit and then after the kids were in bed I spent the evening listening to music and crocheting. After a while I took a good look at the “hat” I was working on and realized it would never fit anyone’s head no matter how mishapen their head happened to be. So I took out every single row and started over. Even though that was a lot of work down the drain, I’ve learned from my mistakes and the new one is looking better than ever. I’m very anxious to start these little dolls for Daisy but I really want to finish one project first. Plus, the dolls are going to be a whole lot harder. They are marked easy, but that doesn’t mean beginner. In the mean time, I’m reading up on various techniques and watching tutorials on youtube to help me out.

My grandma would be so proud of me. She tried for years to get me to sew and she also used to crochet clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kids. I never had an interest at all and now look at me! I’ve been sewing for more than 5 years and am so far enjoying crocheting.

The girls are currently snuggling on Tabi’s bed. At first it was so Tabitha could read Harry Potter to Daisy, but Dee’s been singing loudly for a bit now so I’m guessing they’re just enjoying each other’s company. Makes my heart swell :)

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