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I could use Florence Nightengale

By Tara Zandra | January 21, 2013

Half the household is sick. Tabitha has the flu and Chris has a cold. Both were fine yesterday and yet, there’s been fever, stuffiness, nausea, coughing from both of them, chills- ah, good times. Chris is going to attempt work tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes. Tabitha will need to spend another day in bed and most likely will not be going to dance. I’m tempted to cancel Daisy’s play date only because of potential spread of germs.

At some point I’d like all of us to be healthy at the same time. It’s pretty rare that there’s this much sickness in our house and I’m not happy about it.

For the non-sick half of the family, Daisy and I did some lessons, ran an errand for one sickie, made dinner together, and built legos.

Though I could go on, I got a TV date with the hubby and then I’m guessing it’ll be off to bed for him.

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