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So, no cleaning fairy?

By Tara Zandra | January 19, 2013

Today Chris is gone for basically the entire day until dinner (hm, just realized I have nothing planned for dinner) and to be honest, I think it’s for the best. I have so much to work to catch up on after this past week, but if he was home I’d be all “Ef the vacuuming- let’s go DO something!” because that’s how we roll at this house.

But even I realize at some point we don’t actually want to be nudists and I don’t really like having more cat hair on the floor than on the cat.

So a week of sick-mama means there be a whole lotta cleaning going on today. I wish I could get rid of the kids too, I work so much better when I’m completely alone. But we’ve got a dance meeting smack in the middle of the day so it’s pointless to have them go somewhere either before or after. I’ll just send one kid to her room with her laptop and slap headphones on the other while sitting her in front of the computer- that’ll buy me a good 3 hours as long I regularly supply them with snacks and drinks.

Not sure when I’ll wake them up though, they were up very late last night since we hit Mad T Party. That’ll be our last show for awhile since our hatter will be gone for 6 weeks. Way too long, but it was kind of stressful getting there last night, we can’t be there for the first set due to dance, and it really does make for a very long day for the kids so they get kind of cranky. Six weeks off won’t be so bad and then when we go back they’ll be glad to go off on their own again and it’ll be lighter in the evening and hopefully warmer. Although, it was nice temps last night so I can’t complain.

This past week I only managed to work out twice before I decided sleep was more important to my health. I feel all soft and slovenly and really want to get back to my normal routine. I intentionally didn’t today because I wanted to send Chris off with a good breakfast and he was leaving before my normal “Bring it, I’m ready for the day” time. Tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland and although that still means an early wake-up, no time to work out first. So I’m back to saying Monday is the day. I need to go the whole week and looking at my schedule, there’s really no reason why I can’t work out everyday from Monday through the following Tuesday. But then it all goes to hell again as it’ll be birthday season!

I’m not feeling it. I fear that much like Christmas, it’s going to pass me by and I’m going to be filled with regret. I hate regret. I base a lot of my personal meaning of life to not having regret. But it still gets me every now and then.

I do have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks:

Child 1 will turn 14- Holy mother of god!
Chris and I will see the LA premiere of the it gets better tour, with our very own most favoritist hatter in the whole world as part of the cast! Two things I love, advocacy and our hatter, combined with date night? Yes please!
Child 2 will turn 8- My baby!
Chris and I will be off to see fun. in an exotic city! Or, you know, a city that I wouldn’t normally visit except- fun.!
We’ll end with the first dance competition of the season, which isn’t really an end because we’ll be at a competition every month through July. Tabitha has 3 dances- contemporary duet, jazz trio, and production. Daisy has 4 dances- jazz team, tap duet, ballet duet, and production. First time my kids will be in the same dance, who will I watch on stage?

And now, I really should drink more Diet Coke, get dressed, and tackle the AncFam abode.

Or read facebook- whichever.

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