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Score one for Santa

By Tara Zandra | November 9, 2006

While Tabitha was in hula, Chris, Daisy and I killed some time at Target. They very recently came out with big and lil’ sister Cabbage Patch Kids and I had decided Santa would get them for the girls in addtion to their non-joint gift. I’ve also been searching Cabbage Patch Kids whenver I see them for one either named Daisy or with her birthdate as Tabitha has 12 with her birthday and one with her name. Tonight, I found a sister one with the lil’ sister is named Daisy. Yay! And they are the champagne blonde hair kids which is also perfect since Tabitha likes her dolls to match her. I’m thrilled to have what I considered a very important part of Christmas taken care of now.

In other news, Tabitha started her book discussion group today. Of course she loved it and came out saying she wished it was longer than the hour. She’s already read her story again and will read it two more times before next week’s session. I knew this would be right up her alley.

Daisy seemed to do better with her teeth today but worse with her disposition. *sigh* It’s like having the disgruntled baby of a year ago back. She was so happy and sunny for awhile and now, not so much. Though she has taken to say “I wuv you, Mommy” so frankly she can act however she wants the rest of the time. She will also express love to Chris and Tabi so there’s a lot of “awwww, how sweeeet!” said around here in unbearably high pitched voices. But we can’t help it, we remember how standoffish that baby was so we cherish any and all expressions of love.

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