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Where’s my pencil box?

By Tara Zandra | January 14, 2013

When I was super little and sick, I spent the day on the couch at my baby-sitter’s house and I’d watch Price is Right. It was really more of a loveseat and I think it was green. Next to me was her canary Monty.

Once I was older and we have moved away from my sitter, I simply stayed home alone all day if I was sick. My mom would usually bring me home a little something to make my day less miserable. I distinctly remember one time getting a new pencil box. I’m sure anyone who was a girl in the ’80s knows what that I’m not talking about any box that you store pencils, but rather the kind with buttons that opened secret drawers.

Like this.


I loved my pencil boxes and had quite the collection of pencils to go inside. We never sharpened those pencils, nope! We just collected and also traded them. Some were scented, some were heart shaped, some had little bears on swings instead of erasers. I lived within walking distance of a store that had the best available assortment of pencils. It was always fun to go to school and share our new treasures with one another.

Once I was in high school, a sick day was pretty much me on the couch again watching “Press Your Luck” in between naps. Not necessarily a bad way to spend a day.

Now? Now I get to take care of others. And even though they are older, I still had to do lessons with the girls and get dinner on the table so people could go to their night time activities without starving. We all know the mama doesn’t get the luxury of laziness. I’m not complaining, but sometimes, I’d still like a new pencil box to cheer me when I’m sick.

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One Response to “Where’s my pencil box?”

  1. Mel Says:
    January 15th, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    I never had a cool pencil box like that or even seen one. Maybe they were around, just didn’t know it. Then again, I was in the upper rural midwest and it’s not exactly hip and trendy up there. Man, I loved that show Press Your Luck. I miss it! I am glad now that Brenna is old enough to take care of herself if I am sick or have a migraine. I never thought the day would come but here we are although I miss her little days so much it hurts.