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well this stinks

By Tara Zandra | January 13, 2013

Got Tabitha’s cold so I’m uber annoyed. I did okay this morning, got up and worked out, and cooked everyone breakfast, but by the time I was completely done getting ready for the day, I could feel my energy waning. I pressed on and got Daisy’s play mat for her Playmobil farm all sewn up. Then it was off to Target and lunch for everyone and then that’s when I napped for just a bit. We had a date with my in-laws and dinner out and now I’m sitting her feeling worse and worse and well, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. Tabitha can mostly work on her own but Daisy needs me. I thought ahead though and planned the simplest of meals for dinner tomorrow night and Chris is the one who takes Tabi to Girl Scouts so I can spend the evening doing nothing.

I really wish I had a book to read so I could relax in a hot bath. I’m supposed to be reading “The Hobbit” but it really doesn’t excite me. I have two books on order, but fat lot of good that does me now. I bought an old childhood book of mine for Tabitha, maybe I’ll grab that off the shelf and read it; I’ll see if I can still enjoy it as an adult.

Anyway, here’s Daisy’s farm all set up, courtesy of Tabitha. She spent a couple hours on it and now Daisy’s in there having the time of her life rearranging everything :) For perspective, the table top is 4′ by 2′ plus the little 1′ by 1′ table for the pigs.





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One Response to “well this stinks”

  1. Mel Says:
    January 15th, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Oh that is so cute! I love the sewn on pond!