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Is it Wednesday?

By Tara Zandra | November 8, 2006

The kids and I went to Disneyland today because we could. We stayed about 4 hours and had a pretty good time. It wasn’t as hot today, only hit 80 :rollseyes:

We went straight from Disneyland to baton. Did I mention Tabitha started baton last week? I should check my archives but I’m far too lazy. In any case, she just started and so far is enjoying herself. She’s a bit cheesed that everyone else will be performing in a couple parades in December and not her, but there’s no way she could do any of it by then not to mention she doesn’t have a costume. Next year though, how cool she’ll be in Christmas parades! This is the first activity ever, for either of my kids, where it has been completely easy. Found the person to contact, was given information and boom! she started immediately. Nothing else has gone anywhere near as smooth. Gives me hope that not everything will always be hard.

Chris worked an extra hour today so that kind of threw off our evening. Daisy is apparently teething on more molars and is fairly miserable. It’s heartbreak to see her gnawing on her finger and crying “Mouf! Teeth!” We’re keeping her dosed on teething tablets and hopefully she’ll get some sleep. Tabitha reminded me we should have known she’d have teeth coming in because Tabitha just lost two teeth in the last 6 weeks. Those two events have gone hand in hand since we got Daisy. Kind of odd actually.

In trying to distract Daisy from the pain and to give the girls something fun to do, Chris and I took our mattress off our bed and put in on the playroom floor and let the girls have at it. They were some sweaty, smelly kids when they were done but man did they have fun. We threw them both in the bath where they continued to shriek at every little thing and laugh hysterically. Good friends those two.

And now Chris is watching Lost while I do a bit of research and blog. I’m pretty beat though so I may head off to bed soon. Hopefully I can wait until he’s ready so we can retire together.

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