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spiraling down

By Tara Zandra | January 11, 2013

Practically every week I leave park with the feeling of gratitude for the people who I can call my friends. I am very fortunate and hope to never take my situation for granted.

But things have kind of gone downhill since then mainly because I have a horrific headache that I am truly doing my best to ignore but it hurts, I’ve been nauseus for hours, and my eyes aren’t focusing properly. So when I tried to have the evening we planned, if one tiny thing went wrong, I wasn’t able to cope with that. Right now I’ve got headphones on and am trying to just take a break from everything. I don’t even really want to blog, but there is only so much Angry Birds I can play.

Oh, the eggless muffins were fantastic so here’s the link to the recipe. It’s very versatile and I took advantage of the substitutions. It seems to be a great base recipe and will be fun to switch up.

All right, I’ve got nothing to add. ‘Til tomorrow.

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