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the week

By Tara Zandra | January 11, 2013

Tabitha has been quite ill to the point where I finally googled flu symptoms this morning. But it’s definitely just a cold, albeit a rather bad one, and then she woke up seeming much better today. I guess 3 solid days of laying in bed watching Dr. Who was all she needed. She’s missed all dance except team classes this week and even then she just sat and watched yesterday. She’ll take another day of rest tomorrow and then she should be fine, I would think.

So Daisy and I have practically been on our own. We play in the morning, go to Target for dinner supplies, make lunch, do lessons, then off to dance. Next week though it’s back to dividing my time between the two of them. Not that Tabitha needs me for a lot, but I’m still available for any questions and I do supervise math and spelling.

Right now I’ve got eggless, chocolate chip muffins in the oven. I love my extra large muffin pan! Last Christmas (meaning 2011) I (mildly) complained because the only thing my family bought me for Christmas was cooking supplies. And that includes my in-laws and mother, I believe. Turns out, that’s all I want so not sure what I was bitching about. Everything I got in 2011 I’ve put to extensive use except 1 cookbook and 1 pan. I finally used the rolled omelet pan on New Year’s Day this year, and though it will take getting used to, I definitely see me using it for all future omelets.

***I wrote all the above last night but felt blah and wasn’t sure how to finish it. Right after that I went to watch TV with Chris and I brought along a recipe book I got this past Christmas for my Zoku and Chris told me how he almost bought it for me but decided not to since I had complained the year before! Funny he mentioned it right after I was thinking about it. But I told him that I was stupid to complain since apparently that really is all I want.

So it’s Friday morning and when my alarm went off I could tell Chris was still home so I stayed in bed to wait for him to leave. Except I totally fell asleep and woke up an hour later. But whereas last year if I woke up that late I just canceled the whole workout. This year (well, this week) I think to myself “no excuses” and it’s been working for me even if it means the kids sleeping in a bit while I’m in the shower. But today, my stomach feels wonky and Daisy got up extra early before I even started working out, so I guess I’m making excuses for today? I don’t know, they seem valid so does that still make them excuses? Maybe Chris and I can play some dance games tonight- that’s what he did when he couldn’t get to the gym last night and I don’t think he’s going tonight so it will benefit him as well.

It’s only supposed to be something like 51 today. That is insanity. That’s a LOW not a HIGH! But park awaits. We have a back-up play date invitation if it’s too darn cold. I’ll be sure to wear layers and my big, yellow coat.

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One Response to “the week”

  1. Chris Says:
    January 11th, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Dance game tonight is a go!