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tuesday has won

By Tara Zandra | January 8, 2013

Today’s workout beat me. Around the 30-minute mark I started really feeling tired and not sure I could finish. Then Daisy walked in from having a bad dream and that really threw me off and then my stomach apparently worked off the breakfast and started growling. I called it good and jumped in the shower.

Tabitha came out this morning looking like she got hit by a truck. Somehow she went to bed fine last night and woke up feeling absolutely terrible this morning. Usually her colds have a two day build up and we know they’re coming. I think this is the first time she’s ever just woken up in the bad part of the cold. So all that time I spent yesterday working on her lessons? Wasted. I mean, she’ll have to do them sometime so it’s not entirely wasted, but if I’d known she’d soon be out of commission I would have quickly thrown something together for her to do yesterday when she felt fine.

Daisy flat out refused the do lessons and ran away yelling at me. So that was fun. Unusual for her too, I guess she just had too much time off. She’s also been complaining about going back to dance since last week so for her, the year not off to a good start. Though of course, she sat and did lessons just fine and went and had a fun time at dance so I expect to be back to normal tomorrow (for her, not for the sickly child).

I should have squeezed a quick nap in but I didn’t and now I’m just holding on because in 20-minutes I get to watch Matt Bomer on The New Normal. I don’t even watch that show, but I will tonight so I guess their guest star plan worked.

Okay, truly cannot function anymore so blogging probably not a good idea. If you’re interested in seeing my favorite Mad Hatter do his thing, I’ve linked to a video I took last week.

Drew Tablak as the Mad Hatter for the Mad T Party Band.

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