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crash landing

By Tara Zandra | November 6, 2006

I hate the caffeine crash that plagues me whenever I’ve consumed overly large amounts of caffeine for two or three weeks and then suddenly go back to caffeine-free. I’m currently drinking just enough caffeine to stave off the horrendous headaches I’ve mentioned before, but the tiredness overwhelms me. I will be sitting there on the couch after dinner and within half an hour feel like I absolutely must go to sleep that very instant. If I try and fight I’ll most likely just fall asleep whether I want to or not. Tonight I snoozed for about 10 minutes before being awoken and I think I’ll make it okay until bedtime now. If I go to bed before 9:00pm, no matter how tired I am, I sleep really poorly and wake up numerous times throughout the night. I have enough trouble sleeping nowadays, I don’t need to add to the problems.

Our weekend can be summed up as
Saturday: Went to Disneyland, went to California Adventure, went to Disney Outlet (majorly disappointed in selection), went home and relaxed.
Sunday: Went to Disneyland, went to in-laws’, went to dinner (bad enough experience that we made a list of restaurants that we will no longer patronize at all), went home and relaxed.

Tonight Chris and I are going over everyone running for each office and also the props so we can make our list of what to vote for tomorrow.

Oh, today’s lesson is, if you’re going to use Pledge on a cabinet in the kitchen, be sure to put a towel or something on the floor to catch the mist. Otherwise your husband and children will spend the rest of the evening “sock skating.”

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