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Nice while it lasted

By Tara Zandra | January 4, 2013

Today is the last day of our winter break schedule. Never in all our years of homeschool have I adhered to any sort of “school” (p-tooey) schedule. But this year the girls joined the musical theatre camp which ran during the time when most people are off school. So not only have we not had regular dance classes in the evenings, but I’ve been running both of my kids to class in the morning and then coming home to be by myself.

Odd feeling.

But I’m done. I cannot wait to get back to regular lessons and yes, even regular dance, come Monday morning. Except, we’re running ragged from today through Sunday so I may just need to let them sleep on Monday.

Also, Monday I can get back to working out. It has been far, far too long. My pants still fit, but I’m definitely looking softer around the middle and losing the start of the toning I had been working on. And I’m dead tired all the time. Working out first thing in the morning fills me with energy, apparently I really thrive on those supposed endorphins. Though I do think getting up for the first week will be hard, especially as it’s cold in the house until I get the heater going.

Lastly, not sure I’ll be able to keep up the daily posting. I’ve kind of been on vacation in a way, and now it’s back to my work. Get up at 5:30, work out, get kids up and make them breakfast, lessons, lunch, lessons, dinner, dance, put Dee to bed, welcome home other two family members, watch TV with Chris, collapse in bed. Pretty much everyday with some variation here and there. Guess I’ll have to get back in the habit of taking my netbook to dance, especially now that Tabi has her own laptop and can leave mine alone. I don’t mind blogging on it, but I can’t post pictures from it.

That’s all for today. I’m off to watch the kids do their performances from musical theater, then park, then home to get Chris and out for fun at Mad T Party. Oh, my beloved hatter posted a public facebook page and I’m doing what I can to pimp him out. And I had fun making a silly little gif in the process.

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