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Too much fun.

By Tara Zandra | January 3, 2013

So the song that took over the airwaves “We are Young,” was followed by “Some Nights” and then “Carry On;” they were all done by the band fun. I loved every one of those songs and a long time ago I made a rule that if I liked 3 songs off an album I would buy the whole thing. They were also going to play the KROQ concert we attended so it definitely made sense to purchase the whole thing.

Loved, loved, LOVED them in concert. So I came home and bought their previous album. Yeah, I kind of adore it too. I found out they released an iTunes Sessions album as well which gives a lovely almost acoustic twist to a few of their songs.

But it’s not just the music, it’s what they stand for as well. I don’t let artists sway my opinion, but I like to support those that stand for the same things I do. Basically, they are very proactive about equality for all, LGBTQ. And the thing I appreciate about this is all three of the guys are straight and I think as men it’s wonderful for them to speak out. I feel, based only my own observations, that supportive straight women are more vocal than the straight men. But I will say I know plenty of people, men and women, who completely support equal rights for all (because that’s what it’s all about- equal rights for all humans). The band are even co-founders of a group specifically for people like me and Chris called The Ally Coalition (also, their facebook page- go like it!).

Anyway, wasn’t necessarily trying to preach, just laying down my love of the fun. I was going to say I’ve been listening to all three albums everyday. I’ve also been hunting down interviews with the band and enjoying clips on YouTube.

I should mention that Chris is completely on board the fun. train with me. After seeing them in concert last month, we decided to see if they were playing anywhere near us- our choices were Houston and Oakland. So we bought plane tix, arranged baby-sitting and C’s work schedule, and then paid a fortune for tix that were originally $29 to go see fun.

I cannot wait. I will probably have the songs memorized by then, I think I’m already pretty close.

As a complete side note- when we were choosing our seats on the plane, I realized we’ve never flown just the two of us. We’ve been together 18 years and not once have we flown without at least one child. May need something to calm me down before we take off to keep the morbid thoughts at bay.

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