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Already tired of this

By Tara Zandra | January 2, 2013

The girls are taking a musical theater class through the dance studio over the winter break. They had 3 classes last week and finish with 3 more classes this week. While both kids are enjoying themselves, it starts at 9am which isn’t the most compatible with their normal sleep patterns.

Frankly, by steretypical homeschooling standards, my girls normally get up kind of early- 8am. With the class, not only do I have to get them up a half hour earlier, but it comes right after days of fun and both weeks include a day where the kids stayed up until midnight having fun. Those kids were both like zombies yesterday with Daisy wanting to go to bed as early as 6:30pm.

Last week when I mentioned on facebook something about how I don’t know how school parents do it every day, I got likes and laughs from the homeschool parents and advice from the school parents. I may not need the advice- if this was our everyday life and the kids went to school, we’d have a routine in place. But it’s not and it’s hard and really, my status update was more for comedic effect than anything considering I had actually forgotten to feed one kid that day.

Won’t happen today at least- I made muffins last night in my beautiful new muffin pan. They look delicious, hoping they live up to my expectations.

Usually I stay at the dance studio during class or I run errands nearby. But with musical theater being over 3 hours, I’ve been coming home. I had plans, grand plans I tell ya! But instead I simply played loud music and Angry Birds all last week. We’ll see if today is any different.

So no lessons have been occuring these past three weeks. In general I’m okay with that but both kids are so close to the end of their respective math books that I really want them to finish so we can move on- Tabi especially. Next week we’ll be back to normal so at some point I’m going to need to make a lesson plan. Since Tabitha works on her own quite a bit, it’s easier if I have a week’s plan ready to go for her. But we’ve got T Party Friday night and Disneyland all day Sunday so I’ll have to work it in. I could do it today or tomorrow while the kids are in class, but that’s not nearly last minute enough for me and goes against my nature ;)

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