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Reflection, part 2

By Tara Zandra | December 31, 2012

May through August


Starting back in April the LA Kings (that’s hockey for those that don’t know) began their play-off run. It became a VERY.BIG.DEAL in our house. The month of May was really a blur of hockey games, both on TV and, for Chris, in person. Oh, and at the end, I had a birthday, and turned 38, but all I have to show for it is this unflattering picture. But it does show my cool, new backpack that I got as a present.



The girls had their last dance competition at the beginning of the month and the month ended with their recital.


But in between would be what Chris deems the fourth greatest moment of his life. The Kings won the Stanley Cup. And there was much jubilation. Chris was there in person while the rest of us had to settle for the comfort of our living room.


As a family we went to the victory parade and rally and were even on TV.





July 27 was when we celebrated 16 years of marriage. We spent it at California Adventure because my mother had given us a Disney gift card as a gift so we figured we’d spend it on dinner. While there, we walked around the Carsland area and eventually wandered over to Hollywood Backlot so we could check out the Mad T Party. Little did we know how much fun that was going to end up being.


We then left for a week at beach house I rented. That was something I’d been talking about for years and this was finally the year. We spent every day down on the beach but also spent a decent amount of down time in the house. After all the time we spend going here, there, and everywhere, down time was much needed. Though I’m not a fan of swimming, I do love to sit at the beach and soak up the hot while listening to the waves. Of course, I also got to listen to my child yell that something alive touched her and we later found out there were, in fact, active stingrays, but before that, the waves were very calming.



August was a perfect summer month. We went back to the beach with our park group, went to the Discovery Science Center, a Lego Store event, swimming at a friend’s house, and Tabitha led Brownie activities for Daisy and a friend. And, we started spending Friday nights at California Adventure to watch the Mad Hatter do his thing with the Mad T Party Band.


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