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well crap

By Tara Zandra | November 3, 2006

Maybe if your kid is coughing up mucus, maybe, just maaaybe, you stay home from kid classes so as not to spread your kid’s germs to other unsuspecting children. Oh and of course it’s the one kid Daisy held hands with during a dance. So yeah, she’s sick and neither she nor I got any sleep last night and Tabitha is not only cheesed off that we can’t go to Park Day today, she’s also driving me nuts with her paranoia of possibly getting sick as well. I’m beefing up her nutrition in the hopes of her immune system strengthing even a tiny bit, but I feel its for naught since she gets sick if a sick person even looks at her cross-eyed. So today is looking out to be a fun day with my two Dwarfs, Sneezy and Grumpy. *sigh*

Last night was nice though as after dinner Tabitha and I went out together for a while. We just went to the mall since we had to exchange a skirt at Gap Kids. She’s only had it two weeks, which means two wearings and two washings and the material tore all around the snap. We went ahead and got the exact same thing so hopefully it was just that one skirt that was bad and not the whole batch.

Speaking of bad batches, I’ve got some bad Diet Coke in this house. During my last grocery store stop I picked up six 2-liter bottles, three with a regular wrapper and three with a Christmas wrapper. Two of the three regular wrapper ones are just bad. I mean they taste positively horrid. I haven’t tried the third one yet but I’m guessing it’s the same. The three with the Christmas wrapper are fine, obviously not bottled at the same time. So my supply was cut in half and I need to go back to the store today while Tabitha is in violin. I won’t be going back to the same Albertson’s since not only do they apparently have yucky Diet Coke, but they did not have a single container of Oragnic Whole Milk in the entire dairy case. And they carry three brands so there’s really no excuse. I’ll be sticking to my regular Albertson’s from now on.

Oh, Halloween. Yeah, it ended up being good, but started off bad. I guess we’re done with mall trick-or-treating. Tabitha went t-o-t in the neighborhood for the first time and had a blast so I guess we’ll just do that from now on. We got rid of all but 7 pieces of candy between 6:30 and 8:30 so we had a good run. Daisy was sad to see our skeleton go and kept yelling “want pirate!” at the top of her lungs. She now visits him in the garage every time we go out to the car. Below is a pic of the pumpkin Chris carved and Daisy with Mr. Funny Bones that Chris built for us using the directions in Family Fun Magazine.



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