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Back to basics

By Tara Zandra | December 30, 2012

Well, no photo to fall back on, just regular ol’ “what we did today” blogging. I’m probably out of practice.

We slept in a bit this morning, which wasn’t necessarily my intent, but I did not set an alarm so it was certainly a possibility. Breakfast was had and then it was off on the great grocery shop run! Chris and I have it down to a science at this point. I write the list out by store, we hit Target, then he goes to BevMo while I start at Sprouts and then it’s off to Mother’s Market.

Today we mixed it up by stopping at the mall first- gift cards! I bought a sweater at Express courtesy of my mother, Clinique at Macy’s courtesy of my mother-in-law, and then an extra large muffin pan (meaning, it makes XL muffins) at Williams-Sonoma because my husband was kind enough to allow me to exchange something I wasn’t thrilled with. I finished my personal shopping at Target with a coat that was paid for with gift coins from my sister and Chris’s BevMo stop was also funded by my sister so he and I did pretty well today.

We also decided to eat at Mother’s Kitchen and I had some to-die-for vegan tacos. We enjoyed our lunch so much that we’ve decided it’s now going to be a part of our grocery shopping routine.

So the sleeping in, mall, and lunch all factored into us getting home later than I would have liked. It only mattered because we had planned to take Christmas decorations down today. I felt sad as we were doing it since I didn’t feel I ever got to fully experience the Christmas season this year. I know not every year has to be the same things, but another year is a long time to wait to do the things I wished we had done. But no use looking back with regret since I can’t change it anyway.

We managed to put a big dent in the Christmas clean-up but there’s still more to do. Chris has to work tomorrow and I kind of want to take the girls somewhere but also kind of want to get the rest of the decorations down so I’m a bit torn. Our NYE festivities usually start around 5ish so it’s not like I’ll get much done in the afternoon. The girls do need to get out though- they have spent the last two days carving out butt spots on the couch; one of them is watching Dr. Who episodes non-stop and the other is playing with her iPad and won’t put it down.

Well, we’ve reached the rambling portion of today’s entry so it’s as good a place as any to sign off.

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One Response to “Back to basics”

  1. Mel Says:
    December 31st, 2012 at 2:03 am

    Yum, Mother’s! We used to eat there every time we shopped too.