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Sleep attire

By Tara Zandra | December 24, 2012

December Photo Project- Day 24

When I was a kid, we would attend Christmas Eve. at my Great-Grandmother Daisy’s house. This was on my dad’s side of the family and I think we went most years. Some years it was at my Great-Aunt Betty’s house and always there after my Great-Grandma died. I loved having a Christmas Eve celebration. A couple times Santa even showed up though judging from pictures of wee me, this did not always please me.

Aunt Betty had two things on her tree that have always stuck with me- bubble lights and birds. The birds would be hidden somewhere in the tree and I would try and find them because they made bird sounds. The bubble lights always fascinated me and Chris and I actually bought a set early in our tree buying years, but sadly, they never worked like I remembered.

I don’t know when the PJ tradition started, but I vividly recall getting home from celebrating Christmas Eve and being tantalized by all the presents under the tree. I would beg and beg to open just one, never mind that I had just opened a slew of gifts from other family members.

My mother would say yes but tell me that she got to pick it and it would be PJs. Maybe she always gave me Christmas Eve PJs and I just don’t remember. Eventually there would be a box labeled “To Be Opened on Christmas Eve.” As a teenage brat, I would say it was time to open my pajamas. I was a terrible present shaker and I guessed right many times. It’s amazing my mother even bothered to give me gifts, to be honest.

But back to pajamas. They were a tradition and that was that. If there is one thing I’m a huge fan of, it’s tradition. So naturally this tradition would be passed on to my own children. From Tabi’s very first Christmas I made sure no one else was going to buy her Christmas PJs as this was now my sacred job- one I had been waiting for. Now, of course, both kids have come to expect them on Christmas Eve but they are much nicer about it than I was to my own mother.

Those that know me well know that I loated matching my kids. However, there have been occasions where coordinating has occured. This year I didn’t coordiante the PJs really other than they were both bought at American Girl. Daisy’s match her Bitty Daisy doll and Tabitha’s are Rebecca’s historical set. I gambled that they’d fit, and pretty much lost. She looked adorable in them but I seriously doubt I will ever see her in them again which makes the following picture rather expensive. Oh, and this year I bought the dog pajamas and gave them to her on Christmas Eve. Because I’m that person now.


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One Response to “Sleep attire”

  1. Mel Says:
    December 27th, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    I never got xmas eve pj’s growing up but had friends who did and after B came along I thought it was a nice tradition plus gave me control over what she was wearing on Christmas wearing for pictures. Now she really expects her xmas eve pj’s. LOL We are ‘those people’ too as you know, with doggy attire. My dogs have entire wardrobes for all holiays and occasions. LOL I just bought them new “New Year’s Eve” outfits today at Petsmart, Cosmo’s is a tshirt that looks like a black/white dress shirt and tie, and Daphne’s is a pink fancy girl kind of tshirt like they are going out on a date. LOL They also have a collection of collars for all holidays and occasions…fun times. LOL