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picture this

By Tara Zandra | December 20, 2012

December Photo Project- Day 20

Once upon a time, I had a lovely Sony Cybershot camera. It was my second Cybershot and I was getting ready to upgrade it again. Then there was that fateful August day. We were at the park for Daisy’s half birthday and I was taking pics. My children then both decided to misbehave at the same time. I was annoyed and distracted and we left in a huff. My camera did not make the trip home. I did go back to the park about 2 hours later, but it was then too late.

Even though I had been wanting to upgrade, I had not done any research at that time. I used Chris’s camera and lamented the lack of my own. Around Christmas it was decided I needed something and that’s all there was to it. I quickly researched the Cybershots and chose one, ignoring the bad reviews. I have never liked that camera.

Sometime this year, I began seeing a display at Target for a Nikon. I’ve never owned anything but a regular old point and shoot. But the Nikon display called to me. I visited it all the time and eventually determined I must have this camera. As I had never spent more than $250 on a camera, the $600 price tag was a bit off-putting. But once I decide something, it has to happen.

As it got closer to Christmas, we noticed it would go on sale every other week for $400. Chris read that the new version was going to come out and most likely this price was going to stick. Now, I could almost feel it in my hands.

Today, today! I got my camera.


And it doesn’t work.

…… to be continued.

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