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Pretty lights

By Tara Zandra | December 18, 2012

December Photo Project- Day 18

We’re missing some of our traditions this year, but we managed to go see the holiday fireworks at Disneyland. It was really a night with several strokes of good luck.

It didn’t seem that way at first as Tabitha’s Girl Scout meeting ran long so we left later than we would have liked. But when we got off the freeway, there was zero traffic on Ball Road. We got to the structure and not only was there no line, but they were simply waving people through so no need to even stop and show our parking pass. We got parking near the front, and then barely waited for a tram before we were on our way. We even sped right through the turnstiles.

We had been inside for a couple minutes when I noticed the castle was dark. We had walked in right when they were going to do the hourly castle lighting show. We had a lovely view and then it snowed (soap bubbles). Nice timing for us.

We made our way to small world and it immediately did it’s lighting ceremony. Again, nice timing.

There was no line for the hot chocolate and we easily passed some time and then it was fireworks! I only go for the kids, but I enjoy them once I’m there.

Afterwards we waited for small world as riding it is another holiday tradition. That took a little longer than we would have liked, but not terrible. The ride was full of Christmas cheer and I got a beautiful photo of my girls.


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