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C is for cookie

By Tara Zandra | December 17, 2012

December Photo Project- Day 17

A friend of mine read a book a few ago about a cookie club. Though the book is only so-so, it inspired her to create her own cookie club. So every year we get together on the Monday before Christmas Eve and swap cookies and stories. Usually I let Tabitha do the baking because for some reason, her stuff just turns out better than mine. But the cookie club is for the adults so I make sure to do it myself.

This year I chose a cookie dough recipe from Family Fun that I found on Pinterest. They were sooo good, and very easy to make. Since the best part of making cookies is eating the dough, these struck me as absolutely perfect.

There was ample opportunity to take pics, but I took nary a one. However, my budding food photographer (that’s Dee) ate a sugar cookie when we got home and, as is her norm, took a pic before eating so that will be today’s picture.


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