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By Tara Zandra | December 16, 2012

December Photo Project- Day 16

Tree shopping and decorating was very late this year. It’s that kind of month, I guess.

Our first attempt at tree buying was met with rain so we postponed. Our second time out, we honestly could not find a single tree lot within 5-miles of us. We knew of some further away but didn’t want to drive that far with it strapped to the car. We ended up at that magical place called Home Depot.

But a tree is a tree and we did find one that we all really liked. We get home and Chris asks where the lights are. Well that one stumped me. We could not find them. So off Chris went to buy lights and we put a sad Daisy to bed because it was going to be very late at this rate so decorating was a no-go.

Target- nope!

Home Depot- nope!

Walgreens- yes, but not many.

Le sigh.

Chris got all the lights put on and we called it good until the next night, today. So finally we decorated all the trees. Daisy has 2, I have 1, Tabitha has 1, and Chris sticks to the main tree. In the end, it’s beautiful. Except when viewed through the lens of my very crappy camera.


Double sigh.

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