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Could never choose just one

By Tara Zandra | December 15, 2012

December Photo Project- Day 15

We went to Disneyland today for the purpose of taking Christmas pictures. More accurately, we went to California Adventure for the day and barely spent any time in Disneyland.

California Adventure has undergone a massive transformation in the past couple years. The front area, equivelent to Main Street in Disneyland, is called Buena Vista Street and is to represent Hollywood at the time Walt came here to live his dream.




The themeing is just so charming and the immagineers did a great job with their vision. One store is modeled after a department store and no department store during the holidays would be complete without Santa. We usually visit Santa over at Disneyland, but they changed his location this year and I was determined we’d see a department store Santa. I cannot answer the obvious question of “why?” I don’t know, it just seemed important to me. So the official pic for today is the family with Santa.


Next we have the obligatory pic at the entrance to Cars Land. Seriously, at least a dozen of my friends have posted this pic on facebook.


Back to Buena Vista Street for a handbell choir! Yes! I soo wanted to see them and we walked up during the first song. I had said we’d maybe watch a song or two and call it good, but nope! Listen to all the songs! My favorite moment came when they sang my all time favorite carol- Carol of the Bells. Bliss. My second favorite moment was when they got Dee to join them for Sleigh Ride. She does not volunteer for things as a rule, but they didn’t really ask her just took her up there so she had no choice. Here’s the thing about Daisy (and I know this because it is exactly how I feel in these situations)- she wants to want to be up there. She wishes she could jump up and volunteer for these kind of things and have fun. But she’s held back by internal feelings. My own are due to not ever wanting to look like a fool. I don’t know Daisy’s reasons as she hasn’t shared them with me. But anyway, on the rare ocassions where she finds herself in this position, she is happy, but can’t show it so she sucks her cheeks in and bites the inside of her mouth. That leads to pictures of a child who, well, looks like this.


She claims she didn’t know I was taking a picture. But that doesn’t explain this one when I was right in front of her.


And they all look like this. She’s supposed to be shaking the bells like she’s on a fun sleigh ride. She apparently did not get the memo that this is fun.

In contrast, here’s how she takes pictures when you ask for a simple photo.



Now back to the Cars Land area for pictures. We ran into a photopass person at the hubcap tree and she took over the photo shoot. The photographer decided to do “fun” poses. Poor Tabitha. Thirteen years old so she’s not a huge fan of photos anymore (though better than a lot of kids her age, from my understanding) but she went along with it and I could not resisit a photo of this ridiculous pose.


When the photographer asked them for close-up silly faces, I excused Tabitha from that embarassment and let Daisy do her thing.

We did walk into Disneyland, but everything was pretty crazy and we still had things to do that night. So I got the girls with the castle in the background and we called it a day.


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One Response to “Could never choose just one”

  1. Mel Says:
    December 23rd, 2012 at 12:19 am

    Great shots, looks like a really fun time. I really love that sweater you are wearing in the first couple shots. I would totally buy that.