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need a real post

By Tara Zandra | December 5, 2012

Not sure this is it. We had an amazing weekend for Chris’ birthday and I’d like to get it down here as opposed to just Facebook posts.

Around these parts, we don’t decorate for Christmas until Dec. 1 so that it doesn’t take precedence over the birthday. But we were gone this weekend so that complicated things. There was an attempt Sunday night, but it was really just me and Chris going through the motions for the sake of the kids. Monday it was all ignored. Last night I was by myself for a few hours though and managed to get a decent amount of work done. Decorating is not simple in our house. Aside from the fact that we have a bajillion decorations, we have no space. Creating space is very hard. It consists of packing lots of books and toys and whatnot into boxes and then moving bookcases to new locations. Exhausting and a little depressing.

But I’m pleased with what I managed to accomplish. I even had Daisy’s trees set up and plugged in. I turned off all the regular lights just before she got home from dance so I could surprise her with how pretty everything was. I even had a fun task for her to do before bed time. Then she completely ruined it by stomping into the house, throwing herself across my bed, and basically killing any and all joy I had worked so hard to cultivate. And all over very small, completely fixable things.


I left to get the other kid but my bad mood pretty lasted the rest of the night. I rarely feel unappreciated it around her, but it really sucked to have all my hard work completely ignored when I had done it for the family because I feel bad that we’re now 20 days away from Christmas and the house isn’t done.

Well, I hate to end on a low note, but now I’m sad again and need to perk up for the day. It’s a busy one, of course. But hey, I got our Christmas cards ordered last night, so that’s a good thing. Figured it all out while listening to piano Christmas songs. Felt like being at Nordstroms ;)

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