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my fashion plate

By Tara Zandra | November 29, 2012


These boots were ordered a while ago but took more than a week to get here just from Arizona. I know there was a holiday but come on, it’s a 7 hour drive, for goodness sake! And notice the pants my child is wearing. Not jeans, but jeggings *sigh*. She backtracked on her declaration that she would wear jeans so these were my back up plan- I’m not proud. The furry vest is a big hit with her too. I love how she looks in pants and shirts because it’s a novelty.

Anyway, she wore those boots all day yesterday and even to dance with her leotard. She got more than her fair share of compliments on them, even by strangers on our errands, so I know she was pleased. She will be less pleased when I tell her can’t wear them in the rain today. Fashion boots does not equal rain boots.

Oh, and giving her a clock worked. She stayed in bed until the dot of 7:30 yesterday giving me my morning time. Now she’s apparently tired because I have to wake her this morning. Which it is now time for both girls to get up. Wish me luck!

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