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By Tara Zandra | November 27, 2012

I have failed to reset my youngest child. For weeks now she’s been getting up well before she should. On numerous occasions this has prevented me from getting in a full workout. Not to mention I feel her behavior was being affected by not getting enough sleep. So a couple nights ago while Chris and Tabi were out, I oredered her to watch TV until 10pm- that’s 2 hours past her bedtime. The next night I kept her up only 45-minutes past her bedtime. Yesterday morning, I literally dragged her out of bed by her foot- no easy task with a loft bed and a strong child, let me tell you. This morning- she was up before 7am! That’s more than an hour early! So not only is her behavior affected, but so is mine because now I’m starting my day kind of pissed off. I guess I’ll have to get her a clock and tell her she can’t come out before 7:30am. By that time I’m usually either in the shower, or just out of it. If she wants to get up before that, I’ll tell her she has to lay in my bed until I get her, but she won’t like that because our cat considers people’s chests the best place to lay her very large and furry body. Oh, and Daisy, not really a cat person.

I guess we’ll hit Target today and look for a clock. I need my morning time, it’s what allows me to be 100% there for the kids for the rest of the day. This morning I was so mad I went out and raked leaves to work off that energy so I guess that’s my silver lining- a dent was put in a needed chore.

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