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The dress whisperer

By Tara Zandra | November 16, 2012

I mentioned that Tabitha and I went shopping and the first dressed she showed me was not only perfect for me, it was my size and fit beautifully (cannot wait to wear it!). Yesterday we were browsing Target (does anyone ever just browse at Target?) and were looking at the dresses for Daisy. Now, I don’t normally shop for her clothes there, the rest of us have plenty of Target Couture, but it rarely appeals to me for Daisy. However, the child has recently been gravitating towards a different look which is both exciting and sad. She’s says she actually wants….wait for it….


This is the child who accused me of tricking her to wear jeans when I gave her a pair of [non-denim] shorts to wear.

This is the child who wore a denim skirt during her recital production of 2011 while every other child wore jeans.

She hates pants and despises jeans with a passion. I had to buy her bloomers like babies wear to go under her dresses since I can’t keep her out of trees at park.

Anyway, so the dresses at Target looked like they might work for her so we were looking and getting her to rank them all in order of favorite as I was hoping to catch a black Friday sale next week. While Daisy is looking the 4 dresses over, Tabitha walks away for a minute and immediately comes back with a to-die-for perfect dress. We tried it on right then and I had to buy it now. I figure if it goes on sale I can always get a price adjustment. We all agreed it was THE dress.

So if you’re looking for a dress, I can rent Tabi out to you as your personal shopper.

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