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the return to t party

By Tara Zandra | November 10, 2012

Wednesday Tabitha had American Girl in the morning and then we picked up Daisy’s Brownie buddy for a meeting here. Then it was straight to dance from there so Wed. pretty much flew by.

Thursday was violin which I’ve mentioned is in Hollywood. Not a fan of driving there still (I just don’t like surface street traffic and there’s always traffic on the streets there, other than that, no big deal), but I do love the sights that pop up sometime. Like the semi parked on the side of the road with a the entire side in patriotic colors featuring people wearing patriotic clothes. Oh, it was for handing out condoms. Nice. I really wish I had a camera mounted to the outside of my car that I could control from the inside to get pics at will. That’s an invention I think many of us need- it could be a new social media site like instagram, maybe instacar?

Thursday evening it rained, and rained some more. But I was on a mission for boots and a poncho (fashionable, not rain worthy). So I dropped Dee at dance and hit the mall. Found the boots, not the poncho. I picked her up and told her we were off to another mall. That pronouncement was met with delight. Or screeching groans; I blocked it out so don’t remember. We made a requested french fry stop and then were off and in and out of second mall in 10-minutes with the coveted poncho. Of course there was an accident on the freeway due to the non-stop rain but we took an alternate route home and I’m not sure why, but I do love finding alternate routes. I think I just like the non-popular path in life. Daisy was late to bed that night, but hey! Poncho (though I wear it akilter and not straight forward like the pic because then it’s just a regular poncho and not the poncho I drove out of my way in the rain depriving my child of sleep for).

Friday the rain had stopped and thank goodness because we had a looooong full day ahead of us. Great Books was first thing and then on to park where we were the only ones for 10 or 15-minutes. I knew a friend was on her way though so I sat in that cold, cold park (not a warm poncho, it turns out) waiting. Got my friend and then others did eventually show up but I was still resigned to leaving early as I was too cold since the sun was playing peekaboo. But the sky was a gorgeous blue and it was nice to be out in the sun when it showed itself.

We went home for an hour then I dropped the girls at dance and then I went home to get Chris then we went back to get the girls. Run-on sentence for a run-on afternoon. Then off to Mad T Party!

Not so fast! So much traffic. It was frustrating because there was never any reason for it and we just wanted to go enjoy our evening after a long and often times frustrating week. Eventually we made it, of course, but we walked up just a minute after the band actually took the stage so we were stuck on the side. But we were there! It’s been a month since we last went so too long.

The holidays at Disneyland are supposed to start on Monday, but apparently by Monday they meant yesterday because not only is everything decorated (didn’t have time to gawk, we’ll be back), but the band did Christmas songs. Not all of them, just 2 per set, but they are mainly songs for Alice which though a lovely singer (or singers actually, I just can’t tell them apart or even have really taken the time, but they all sing well) I’m not there to listen to Alice sing. But there were new songs including a song from the Killers and Blink-182 and Adele, and oh yeah, they did Stayin’ Alive and Pour Some Sugar on Me. Ha! Stayin’ Alive was one hell of a good arrangement and they had fantastic choreography so I cannot wait to see it again. Very, very fun. Pour Some Sugar on Me is just funny because Chris despises Def Leopard and all their songs. I actually liked them back in the ’80s and had thier CDs though I never saw them in concert. But that particular song is fun and even Chris couldn’t resist smiling a little. But that’s the magic of T Party (or the entertainment power of Hatter is more like it), I mean, they do that horrid DJ got us falling in love song as well as Journey and a Bon Jovi song and I enjoy Hatter singing every one of those. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Chris could [grudgingly] enjoy a little Sugar :) I will say though as much as I love the Hatter and pretty much every song he sings, it was odd hearing him do a blink-182 song. I love blink, as long as I don’t have to see them live, and even enjoyed both off-shoots of them when they temporarily broke up and formed new bands. So Hatter’s voice, though simply amazing (no seriously, I cannot stress that enough), was not right in my mind for a song that I love the originalsound of so much.

Over all we had a good time though and totally plan to go back next week, assuming it’s the right singer.

Lastly, an aunt and two cousins are in town and at Disneyland so we also got in a quick visit. Bonus!

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