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By Tara Zandra | October 25, 2006

Today Tabitha learned of Pluto’s demise- she wasn’t pleased. She kept repeating that she lost a planet. Tomorrow I need to Google the statement issued by Mickey Mouse because she thought that was pretty darn funny.

I’ve been trying something new this week- sleeping. I have no problem falling asleep every night, but I dream so vividly that I get very little restful sleep. Daisy then wakes me up sometime in the 6 o’ clock hour and after I get up with her and give her milk, I put her back to bed and stay up. I don’t really feel sleepy during the morning and it gives me a chance to laze about with Diet Coke and blogs without children for about an hour or so. Also, usually if I go back to sleep and am awakened one hour later I feel like utter crap complete with a headache and that’s just a horrible way to start the day.

So Monday I had only been asleep since 1am and, as I mentioned previously, Daisy did not sleep well and she got me up around 5 something. This time I went back to bed as well and we stayed asleep until 8:30. I felt fine. Yesterday I again decided to go back to bed as it was 6:10 but still dark outside. Once more I felt fine when we woke up. This morning, same thing and I realized that I’ve been in a better mood since Monday as well. Really I shouldn’t be as I have a major stress thing hanging over my head, but the sleep is apparently working. And, I haven’t been dreaming as vividly. As long as Daisy keeps waking before 7, I think I’ll keep going back to bed and see what happens. Oh, and we’ve been more relaxed as well. Monday and Tuesday we just didn’t do lessons because I had so much to do house related. Today we not only did lessons, but I still did what I needed/wanted to do in the house and didn’t have to sacrifice my free time (aka ‘nap time’). How I can accomplish more by relaxing and sleeping in I don’t know, but I’m going to go with it. And really it’s in everyone’s best interest if I’m more relaxed and less uptight about stuff.

One thing we wanted to accomplish today was Tabitha’s craft closet. So after dinner the two of us cleaned up the playroom and then emptied her section of the closet and started over. We honestly didn’t throw away very much at all, everything just needed to be picked up and put away more than anything. Now it’s so nice in there, hopefully she can keep it that way for a while.

Now Chris is watching Lost while I kick back with nostalgia in the form of Nirvana. Good times.

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